Raise Ministry Support

At the end of every semester, students in your group have textbooks they go and sell for cash. This is a ritual that most organizations overlook as a great place to raise funds.

Why not enlist your students to donate all or part of their textbooks to your group?

At Franklin Media we can take every textbook, damaged or pristine, and give your group more cash than most book buyers will. Then 100% of that money goes to help you fund trips, supplies, events or whatever!

Textbook Funds

It's Simple

The good news is that we make it super simple for you. We supply promotional material, boxes, emails to send to students, and pick up everything when you are done! See below to get started.

Start Raising Funds

Here is how we can help

Step 1: We send you promo materials for the drive

Step 2:Your group collects as many books as possible

Step 3: We pickup the books, sort them at our warehouse, then send you a check!



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Thank You

We look forward to talking, thank you for your interest in Franklin Media.