Have Overstock Books?

Sell Old Inventory

Do you have books that are no longer needed by your group? Do you need to make space where the old stuff is sitting now? We help you recoup costs from inventory that is no longer needed. Whether it’s out-of-date, overstocked, or just no longer useful, we can find a place for it.

Overstock Book Recycling

Donate or Recycle Books

Do you need to find a donation or recycling outlet for books that just have very little value any more. We specialize in finding solutions for your dated inventory. There is likely still use for many non-profits in old books that no longer help your group.

Get Your Books Out the Door!

Here is how we can help

Step 1: Pull together a list of overstock book quantities and ISBNs.

Step 2: Send the list to Franklin Media for an offer.

Step 3: We respond with a solution to purchase, donate and recycle the whole lot.



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Thank You

We look forward to talking, thank you for your interest in Franklin Media.