What sets us apart?

Almost 1,000,000 individual ISBNs in our database vs less than 50,000 for most major competitors. Ability to sell, donate and recycle across multiple platforms simultaneously. Customer service focus. Regional reps for fast service and individualized approach. We strive to be a long term, value added business partner for all clients.

How do I sell my books?

You can use the portal login feature once set up by one of our reps for single titles or bulk quote uploads. Submit these for a prepaid shipping label or prepaid freight pickup with your local rep any time, year round. If you don’t have access to the portal yet or need more assistance, please contact your local rep.

Do I pay for shipping?

Never. In fact we can even provide boxes if you have a ton of material to ship in. Whether it’s bid, quote, or donation material we treat it all the same. Reach out to your rep today for more details or to set up a shipment.

How do I get portal access or a login?

You will have to reach out to your local rep and get a login and password set up. This is a super simple and easy process that usually can be set up the same business day as your inquiry. Having trouble with your access or login credentials? Please reach out and we will get it reset for you immediately.

Where do my books and donations go?

We sell, donate and recycle books according to condition, how they were sourced and where they are in their “shelf life” cycle. Please feel free to check out our donation and charitable partners further here

How do I donate my books?

If you simply want to donate some books, please reach out to your local rep. We will be glad to provide boxes and shipping labels or freight pickup for larger orders.

Can I sell to you as an individual?

Absolutely, we buy from individuals, faculty and staff, entire schools and college, businesses, and many other sources. We welcome all sizes of quotes and shipments and treat all as being equally important.